The mission of the Exceptional Family Resource Center (EFRC) is to provide support, information and education for families of children with disabilities and the professionals who assist these families. By offering emotional support and factual information, EFRC enables families to help their children reach their fullest potential.


All children with disabilities will be given the opportunity to live with a supported and empowered family, fully participating within their community. Every community will be enriched by the inclusion of people with diverse abilities. EFRC offers family centered services, emphasizing parent choice, confidentiality and collaboration. Through local, state and federal partnerships and projects, EFRC is active in advocacy, research, policy and practice initiatives.

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Family Support Liaisons

EFRC Family Support Liaisons are peer-parent mentors (parents of children with disabilities and/or special needs) who have received training on family-driven services, communication skills, resources and systems navigation. Call us today at (619) 594-7416 if you have a concern about your child’s development or need assistance in accessing support, resources or services. EFRC Staff Directory┬á┬á
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EFRC Core Values
  • EFRC values Family-Driven Services which focus on the individual needs of your child and family.
  • EFRC values the importance of Collaboration with professional partners to effectively serve the needs of the family.
  • EFRC values Community-Based Practices through partnerships with education, healthcare, community agencies and services providers.
  • EFRC values services which are Culturally Responsive to the family.
  • EFRC values Family Choice and respects Confidentiality.

Partnerships / Affiliations

EFRC is one of 47 Early Start Family Resource Centers funded through the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Infants and Toddlers Part C. Members are represented on the statewide network through Regional Representatives.

EFRC is one of 14 Family Empowerment Centers (FECs) in CA and participates on the statewide FEDC. The California State Legislature mandated the California Department of Education (CDE) to establish Family Empowerment Centers (FEC) on Disability in each of the 32 regions in the state established under the Early Start Family Resource Centers. Senate Bill 511 (Statutes of 2001) included the establishment of a statewide Family Empowerment and Disability Council to provide assistance to the FECs. The Council must also provide coordination of training, information, and materials; technical assistance, evaluation of service delivery and management.

EFRC is affiliated with Interwork Institute and San Diego State University Research Foundation, a non-profit organization.

The Department of Administration, Rehabilitation and Postsecondary Education (ARPE) and the Interwork Institute promotes the integration of all individuals, including those with disabilities, into all aspects of education, work, family, and community life. The Institute conducts research, training, and education using a variety of strategies including distance learning technologies. community. The Department’s and the Institute’s mission is supported through local, state, federal, and international organizations.